Social Media Marketing Tools

the power of social marketing

Passion Business Solutions Ltd

Hamz.web use a powerful social media tool that lets you grow your audience, build brand awareness, and boost traffic and sales — in any niche.

   Social Media Monitoring

Track what's said about your brand, product, or any other keywords in social media and the Web, in real time.


Content Promotion

Grow your audience and boost traffic and SEO by posting to multiple social networks under multiple Personas, and schedule posts to be published automatically.


Customer engagement

Engage with customers, existing or potential, across all social networks to increase awareness, encourage word of mouth marketing, and convert opportunities into sales.


Influencer Marketing

Easily identify top niche influencers by Reach to build relationships and market your products through them.


New: Social Media Reporting

Track all SMM data, analyze the success of any social campaign, and report the progress to clients and colleagues in a presentation-ready, comprehensible form using BuzzBundle Enterprise's white-label reports.